"Genius, brilliant, and destined. These are true artists, mixing the mechanical realm with human ecology.

This is changing us. From inside out, the revolution is here."

This is a music production of international standing indeed, both in format and in its contents. Once lights are off, Phinx enter their ideal dimension, mixing sounds in the darkness. The outcome is a dark, experimental record; quite specific and universal at the same time. Analog and digital features are masterfully accomplished. A remarkable feat, for sure.


By mixing philosophy, poetry, tales of really underground life, high level maths and computer science, Phinx release a record both experimental and mature, shadowy and gloomy at the right point, just perfect to meet the incoming warm weather.

Rolling Stone

‘Hòltzar’ is a modern record which provides an effort to put together rock music’s  different souls by a clever use of rhythmic basis and manic attention to sound details. The outcome does breach your soul’s depths !


“It’s almost an hour of enigmatic and elusive music, which goes beyond conventional musical genres and gives a clear example of an in-depth, extremely detailed musical product. An eccentric and baffling work.”

Il Mucchio

Such a beautiful and complete record as ‘Hòltzar’ is definitely hard to find in the current musical environment. This work by Phinx is a surprising, enigmatic, highly dedicated production and indicates an extraordinary overall compositional maturity.

Radio Web Italia

‘Hòltzar’ is a record to be discovered, tasted, listened to again and again, just to focus on any specific, deliberately inserted,  detail and find out the great compositional inspiration of these boys from Bassano del Grappa.


‘Hòltzar’ by Phinx provides an amazing musical universe out of bold and effective music trails, merging electronics with instruments, natural with organic, wood with metal.

Extra Music Magazine

A never boring, mature work, possibly hard to digest in just a few hearings,  but doubtlessly of great interest to boundless music lovers.


Astonishingly wandering in wonderful chambers of echoes, providing, through the stereo cones, an amazing obsession with cutting edge, with distant aims and landmarks. This is ‘Hòltzar’, a certified record, designed for those searching strong emotions coupled with evocative, accelerating, pulse-pounding, smooth emotions.


‘Hòltzar’ is simply a great record. Phinx are very good and that’s it !